69. Sacred Spiritual Feminine Embodiment with Eva Williams

Today’s guest is Eva Williams, the creator of Golden Lotus. Golden Lotus is a series of meditations, movement practices and sexual and spiritual energy education modules which cultivate spiritual awakening, sexual activation and embodied sovereignty. They focus on energetic anatomy, cultivating and purifying the body through ancient techniques such as sound meditation, yoga, chi gung, dance, breathwork, jade egg work and other traditional feminine sexual cultivation secrets.

The concept and philosophy behind Golden Lotus is that every being has the capacity to regulate and generate their own energy, creativity, health, wealth and fertility through simple yet profound cultivation practices and a disciplined but receptive way of approaching one’s spirituality, sexuality, and therefore Self and relationship to divinity or God. In Golden Lotus we recognise that your sensual and sexual nature and relationship to your own emotional intelligence and intimacy is a wondrous and powerful gift to be cultivated, cherished, and honoured.

In this episode we cover the following topics:

  • Sacred Feminine Embodiment

  • Embodiment

  • Reclaiming the Divine Feminine

  • Birth work

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