96. The collective Unconscious and Shadow Work with Serva

This week’s episode is all about the collective consciousness and shadow work and I have my Kurdish sister Serva as my guest for the second time. Serva is a Jungian Depth coach and a Human Design reader who is pursuing a Ma/PHD program in Jungian psychology. Dealing with her own identity struggles as a child of diaspora, it was during her own individuation/hero’s journey that she found human design and Jungian depth psychology. Serva’s own shadow work results left many around her in awe. With pressure from friends and client demand, she has begun her coaching career using Human Design, and Depth psychology to change the trajectory of her clients lives. Join us as we learn more about Carl Jung, shadow work, and the collective unconscious.

The topics covered are:

- Carl Jung

- Shadow work

- The collective unconscious

- Dream work

- Hero’s Journey

- Goddesses and Archetypes

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