91. Flower Essence and Plant Spirit Healing with Ameya

This week’s podcast guest is Joanne Amaya who is the Founder of the Woman Rising School for Sacred Feminine Mysteries. She is dedicated to supporting women remember and reclaim their embodied essence, guided by the Earth, Sun, and Moon. Through Ameya’s extensive training in the Mystical Arts of Shamanic Studies, Flower Essences, Moon Wisdom, and her Priestess Path, she expertly guides women to activate their Soul coding and awaken the grace of the Great Mystery that resides within. Avalon is Ameya’s Priestess home and she journeys there every year for Re-Union and Re-Dedication. It is here that she has received visions for the Rose Priestess Path and has deepened in Grail Mysteries.  She has received the Blessings of these Holy Lands to offer these teachings through the various programs, trainings, and pilgrimages that are offered through the Woman Rising School.

In this week’s episode we cover the following topics:

- Flower essence and healing

- Plant spirit

- Healing trauma and the collective

- Women’s health

- Spirit of plants

- Ancient wisdom of plants

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