76. Shifting the Collective Consciousness with Lola Wright

This week’s podcast guest is the beautiful and so inspiring Lola Wright. An ordained minister with a gift for weaving together the mystical and material, she served for many years as the CEO of Bodhi Center, an organization committed to personal transformation, collective awakening, conscious activism and community-building. Her work has taken her to stages around the world as a speaker and vocalist, including Agape International Spiritual Center, TEDx, Chicago Ideas, and the Havana Jazz Festival.

Her path has included stops at some of the world’s leading global financial institutions and technology startups, training in several well-respected coaching methodologies, and experience as an entrepreneur – all culminating in her desire to challenge people to find their fierce and loving lives. She invites divine discontent, purposeful disruption, and radical truth telling to move us out of the patterns that get in the way of who we are here to be and what we are here to do. We cover these topics in this episode:

- Relaxing into life

- Birth as a metaphor for life

- Birthing of a new paradigm

- Shifts and transformation in the collective

- How to align with who you want to be

- How to contribute to humanity

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