87. Womb mysteries and healing with Jenny Janiki

This week’s episode guest is Jenny Janiki. Jenny Is deeply passionate about supporting women in discovering their true feminine nature and awakening to their womb power.
 She has experienced the blessing of awakening her Womb ∾ Heart connection, understanding herself through feminine psychology and loves to share this with women. She believes that finding a deeply embodied connection to yourself is the essence of healing. Jenny is a dedicated student of Vedanta and has studied various forms of yoga and healing practices, like Yoga Therapy, yoga for Women, Yoga Nidra, Cranio Sacral therapy and feminine psychology. She teaches Womb Healing Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Menstrual Wisdom and Feminine Psychology. For her, Mother Earth is her feminine teacher and she loves to dwell in the feminine mystery together with other women. She believes that together, in sisterhood we can heal and learn to understand yourself as women.

In this episode we cover the following topics:

- How to connect with your body and womb

- Healing menstrual pain

- The nervous system - releasing stress and tension

- The womb and the energetics of it

- The mysteries of the womb

- Goddess and the Great Mother

- Praying through your body

- Mothering yourself

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