Beth Stelling Goes Full ‘Girl Daddy’

Beth Stelling may have been the very last stand-up comedian to tape a special before the country shut down. Performed on March 7th, 2020 and released this past month on HBO Max, ‘Girl Daddy’ is Beth’s debut hour-long special and we should all be grateful she got it in under the wire. In this episode, we talk about how her own experience with sexual violence helped fuel some of the funniest #MeToo jokes ever committed to film and why she’s sick of answering for comedy’s male predators. Beth also talks about writing with past ‘Last Laugh’ guests Sarah Silverman and Pete Holmes, the experience of watching Richard Pryor for the first time during quarantine and why she is in no rush to get back on stage anytime soon. 

Twitter: @BethStelling and @mattwilstein | Instagram: @bethstelling and @lastlaughpod

Highlights from this episode and others at The Daily Beast.


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