Juan Román Riquelme: The Story Of The No.10

In this episode, we take a look back at one of the most fascinating players in the history of the game – Juan Román Riquelme.

We start off with his first steps and his first period in Argentine football, with Andrew Miller (@AndrewMillerNBA) telling this genesis chapter. Next, we hear from Román de Arquer (@Aeroslavee) about Riquelme’s sole season at Barcelona in 2002/03. Then, Paco Polit (@pacopolitENG) reflects on the Argentine’s time with Villarreal.

In part two of the podcast, we look over his international career with Matt Clark (@MattClark_08). Next, we hear from Daniel Williamson (@winkveron), the author of Blue and Gold Passion, a book about Boca Juniors, about Riquelme’s second stint with the Buenos Aires club.

Finally, host Euan McTear interviews commentator Ray Hudson (@RayHudson), who may just be Riquelme’s number one fan. 


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