Bananarama on Masquerade, 40th Anniversary, and Living Above the Sex Pistols

Bananarama’s Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward talk about Kyle Meredith With… to talk about Masquerade, a record that arrives on the 40th anniversary of the band and finds the duo leaning into Europop, “period disco,” and plenty of nods to their 80s beginnings.

The London songwriters discuss co-writing with Sara’s daughter, Alice D, themes of inclusivity and diversity, and how little things had socially progressed since the '80s -- until recently.

Dallin and Woodward also take us back to their punkier beginnings living above Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and Paul Cook’s apartment and how the punk ethos still drives their outlook today, as well as the enduring love of “Cruel Summer,” which was recently covered live on stage by Lorde.

Listen to Bananarama’s Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward talk about Masquerade and more above, or watch the conversation via Consequence. Make sure to like, review, and subscribe to Kyle Meredith With… as well, and you can also follow the Consequence Podcast Network for updates on all our shows.

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