Kila Eddie and Mick Lay - The Men on the Ground in PNG

This week I have combined two short episodes into one. First is Kila Eddie. My man on the ground.

Kila is the head guide and company owner in PNG who looks after all of the modern day Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who help guide trekkers across the track safely. Kila is a bit nervous to be talking in an interview like this but in the end he enjoyed the experience. I have so much love and respect for this man and all he's done for the people of Alola on the Kokoda Track.

I back up that talk with Mick Lay a former soldier of 22 years who has served everywhere from Timor to the Middle East. Mick and I served in the Army together in Townsville back in the late 90's and he is now leading trips with me along the Kokoda Track. I man I have immense respect for.

I think you will get an enormous amount out of this episode as you hear from the men on the ground with your Kokoda Track experience.

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