David's on a Real Kokoda Journey

This week I am chatting to David Vidic who hasn’t yet stepped foot on the Kokoda Track however he has an interesting and inspirational story. David is a dad, has a full time job and a business on the side so it’s fair to say he’s busy.

Over time with all he has on he put on weight to a point where he knew he just wasn’t healthy so he started a journey to lose weight, regain control of his life and he set himself a goal of crossing the Kokoda Track to do it. I wanted to share his mindset, his journey to this point and allow you to follow his journey leading up to crossing the track and then we will get him back on at the completion of his challenge.

I think this is a great story because so many people tell me that they can’t do the Kokoda Track because they’re unfit, too old, can’t fit in the training, have injuries etc. Whilst others are out there doing something about those issues and improving their life in the process. That, to me, is the essence of what the Kokoda Track is all about. It can change your life. You just have to believe in yourself enough to take that first step.

So here’s David’s story.



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