Kokoda Track Podcast is back for 2020

Welcome back to the Kokoda Track podcast for 2020.

My top tips for getting yourself ready for the Kokoda Track.

1. Mental Fitness

2. Physical Fitness

3. Testing Equipment (Boots etc)

4. History – understand it and have a few key notes or notable stories from different battles to take with you.

5. Consider your local impact. Not all companies do so I feel it’s on us as individual trekkers to consider this and not leave it to the company you’re trekking with.

6. What gifts can you take?

7. What are some of my must haves?

Head torch and check your batteries.

Wear your boots onto the plane.

Take Spare Laces.

Rechargeable Battery Pack for your phone/camera etc.

Warm Clothes for night time. It can get cold up high.

Knee Brace and strapping tape. You may not need them but someone might.

Limit amount of gear. Think of the porters. Just take unending amounts of crap. You’re meant to find some discomfort/challenges in all of this. It’s kind of the point.

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