Episode 155: Maxo

Maxo's "Lil Big Man" was one of my favorite releases of 2019, and really introduced into the scene of rappers I've been gushing about since KN came back. We did a full "life-story style" podcast together last year on the "You Feel Me" podcast I was doing while KN was on hiatus. You can find that podcast here: Maxo on "You Feel Me?", you will get some real insight into his upbringing in the I.E. and his journey into rapping. This podcast was really a chance to catch up, test the waters of podcasting after a 2.5 month Covid break, and an excuse to have him perform in front of the comic book wall and become part of the Kinda Neat legacy. We recorded this before the social uprisings, or I'm sure Maxo would have had plenty of insight on the situation at hand. As is we talked about what he misses most about pre-pandemic times, the process behind "Lil Big Man," and when I saw him at a MOCA event and all eyes ended up on him for a moment.

Head to YouTube now to see Maxo perform "Clouds Say My Name."



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