Was recently put on to Kear and intrigued by her innate pop sensibilities, confident delivery, and sensational ear for beats. The Philadelphia native was on her first trip to Los Angeles and it turns out she may never leave. After only working on music for a year, she has fully thrown herself into it, gathered a team, and made the trek across country to see if they can make it work. She seems to have all the right weaponry to achieve her goals.

This episode contains a somber story of housing insecurity, constant uprooting, and overall uncertainty about even the most basic childhood needs such as attending school. Kear's had some tough years, but has kept an upbeat attitude, is quick to laugh, and has a magnetic personality to match her music. 

Tune in to hear us talk about FKA Twigs influence on her style, the uncle that inspired her to rap, and bouts of homelessness.