SG Ali

SG Ali was brought to my attention by a trusted source and I've loved everything I've heard so far. She has a deeply intuitive sense of melody, and consistently creates inspirational ear worms. Turns out she's been honing her craft since childhood. 

Born and raised in Near North Chicago, in the Cabrini-Green Homes, she was lucky enough to be a part of a music education program in middle school called "Friday Crew" where members learned to make beats, make raps, and make music videos. While she was initially only excited to get out of class, she quickly realized she had vast potential as a rapper, and it wasn't long before early teenage Facebook posts of her raps were going viral. Now after almost a decade of honing her craft, her first record with upstart label Steady Leanin is on the way soon. 

Tune in to hear us talk about Mayor Daly tearing down Chicago's housing projects, being born to young parents, and her pivotal time in "Friday Crew."