Linafornia is a beat maker who honed her craft in Leimert Park. The swing, bounce, and intangible funk of her beats express a true sense of soul that many producers are never able to achieve. She's part of the first generation of beat makers to be inspired by the Low End Theory / LA beat scene mainstays like Ras G, Dibia$e, and FlyLo. In fact, seeing Ras G perform one night moved her to pick up beat making. Finding out he was a friend of her brother's who only lived a few blocks away from her only furthered the desire, and Ras quickly became a big brother and mentor. I saw her perform at his memorial last year and was almost moved to tears watching her fight back her own. Knew then I needed to talk to her and learn more about her journey. Hear her talk about growing up Garifuna, attending and eventually leaving Catholic school, and Pharrell inviting her to the studio.