with guest PEZ LONDON (90's Rave artist/graphic designer)

Todays podcast is exceptional by anyone’s standards, and I’m very fucking excited.. Today we step into a forgotten art that helped define not only a genre of music for a generation, but inspired countless Graff writers, artists, graphic designers and more... and it all orbits around a very VERY small chosen few, who made the early flyers of the 90’s rave scene. PEZ is that man who took inspiration of Graffiti and created a visual backdrop for an entire genre; he pioneered and created the Rave flyers we knew/know, whilst pushing graphic design commercially before there were computers available to replicate. Nothing else had ever come before this, this is PEZ’s Podcast. Get ready for some amazing stories.

Documenting the Graffiti Artists of History past, before their critical acclaims and contributions to the urban arts.
Disclaimer: This presentation is for documentation and educational purposes only.
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