with guests Char & Tizer (London Graffiti Writers)

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This weeks Graff podcast is a double headliner, with two of the most respected writers in London. Char & Tizer. As two very different characters, with two renowned levels of respect, we take a (drunken) trip into their early era's in the building blocks of the scene from back in the day to now. We're talking early yard stories, production stories, the how to's and how not to's with techniques and way more than i ever imagined. We also talk Flex Fm, I.D crew, todays writers, the scene and corona virus.. This is a lesson in London history from 2 two of graff's teachers. this is the Tizer & Cha Podcast.

Documenting the Graffiti Artists of History past, before their critical acclaims and contributions to the urban arts.
Disclaimer: This presentation is for documentation and educational purposes only.
No hard drive copies, footage or records of any interviews are held by Killa Kela and once uploaded to the outlets listed below, those are the only records in existence.
Any illegal activity discussed is neither encouraged, supported or incited.

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