With Guest DJ Argue (Rinse FM / Grime History Lesson)

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Lets step back into the world of Grime with one of the more recently recognised documenters of the scene from back in the day till now, Rinse FM's DJ Argue. Both me and Argue connected on a very different topic and passion of ours.. He was compelled to connect (and mutually Likewise ) to express his appreciation on the KKPC show and talk openly on certain street culture subjects. This became the building blocks into getting to know Argue; when he's into something, he's INTO IT, he's like a sponge, asking questions, throwing out ideas.. and this at its core is the reason behind the ever growing success of his new Grime History Lesson 's show on Rinse. We're talking Grime back to back - its history, the story of the narrator himself, and where he feels Grime is going in 2020 and beyond.. This is DJ Argue's Podcast.

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