with guest Tony Vegas of the Scratch Perverts (World Champion Scratch DJ)

Before I was in Rocksteady crew, I was in The Scratch Perverts. I still to this day class every one of them as some of the most incredible rockstar DJ’s that Europe has in the pocket and some of my dearest friends ; the incredible DJ Prime Cuts, Mr Thing, First Rate, Harry Love, Plus One, DJ Renegade, and the one and only, Tony Vegas.
Decades after the original disbanding of the legendary 4, the Collective 8 (including myself) and finally the trio 10 years later.. both Tony and Prime cuts have held the flag for over 20 years with technical ability and funk.
This is my 2nd conversation with an original Pervert (I hope this continues with each of the original boys) and we leave no stone unturned; Tony openly talks about his whole career journey. If you’re a fan like me, you’re in for a treat. This is Tony’s Podcast.

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