31: Reprodutive Health - Transgender

Welcome to the fifth episode in our series which explores reproductive health, in all its many forms. This week, we dived into transgender reproductive health with the wonderful Kate Nambiar.


Kate transitioned as a medical student and entered the profession as a sexual health doctor; as a trans person working in the NHS, Kate has a unique insight into reproductive health matched with unparalleled passion. Kate has also formed her own sexual health clinic, Clinic T, which puts transgender sexual health at the forefront.


We hear about studies which show transgender people are less likely to attend sexual health clinics to receive its services, creating a huge ripple effect from increased undiagnosed HIV conditions to less access to fertility or maternity care. We examine why sexual health clinics can be inaccessible to trans people, from being misgendered at the initial stage of booking an appointment to binary male / female waiting rooms. We even touch on trans sex workers interacting with these services and the shocking stories of sterilisation of trans people abroad.


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We can’t wait to hear what you think, and we’ll see you next time for a conversation with Hayden Cross, the first trans man in the UK to give birth.

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*At the time of recording, it wasn't clear as to the situation with gamete storage on the NHS. There is now re-issued guidance, and you can find more information here.


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