Jack Vidgen Surprises The Team In Joel Jivin’

We kick off the show with a sweet story about an NZ couple and their life-changing quote to live by… except it was left off the sheet! News from the Australian Open hotel quarantine gets a run, featuring Bernard Tomic’s gf who isn’t used to washing her own hair. We chat through the Rabbi who claims the Covid-19 vaccine ”makes you gay”. The Armie Hammer saga continues with some leaked images from his private Instagram coming to light (see them here: https://bit.ly/2KrtlEO) And we also chat about Trump pardoning rapper Lil Wayne… yep. We asked ‘How petty did you get?’ after Melania Trump’s refusal to give the White House tour to Dr. Jill Biden. We discuss the mysterious’1’ number plate spotted in Melbourne, and we go through some rude number plates. Then we played Joel Jivin’ - with a special guest!

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