Episode 200 - Emma Boster (Dying Wish)


Thank you everyone who has shown this show any love and support through the years, I will be eternally grateful for making this little show what it is.

To mark such a milestone we are joined by the vocalist of one of the upcoming bands we are most excited about. We are joined by Emma Boster from Dying Wish.

We talk about how Emma's mum got her into a range of different artists with women vocalists, how Dying Wish's momentum has sung since the pandemic hit, what the bands new record will involve and how she will always fight against injustices in the world.

To keep up to date with what Dying Wish are doing you can do so by visiting all their various social media platforms:

Facebook - facebook.com/DyingWish503
Twitter - @dyingwishhc
Instagram - @dyingwishhc
Bandcamp - dyingwishhc.bandcamp.com