Episode 198 - Dan Stevenson (Lift / Frontierer)

This week on the Just An Insight Podcast we are joined by the man behind the musical project Lift and Frontierer guitarist Dan Stevenson.

We discuss being a twin and how they do have a strange physic bond, getting into the more business side of the music industry, music being his release and how a difficult time in his life led to the creation of Lift.

To keep up to date with both Lift and Frontierer you can do so by visiting their various social media platforms:

Facebook - facebook.com/Lift0fficial
Instagram - @_liftmusic
Bandcamp - liftmusic.bandcamp.com

Facebook - facebook.com/frontiererband
Instagram - @frontiererband
Twitter - @frontiererband
Bandcamp - frontierer.bandcamp.com/