S2 Bonus 34: The Trial of Robert Durst: Full March 17, 2021 Hearing

During the run up to the October 3 premiere of Season 6 of Jury Duty: The Trial of Michael Barisone, we are publishing both in the Jury Duty Podcast feed and on our Jury Duty/Crime Story Patreon page, a series of articles and readings about the the trial of Robert Durst that were originally reported for the CrimeStory.com website. This article and those that follow during the rest of the week were published during the post-hiatus portion of the trial and so we include them as Bonus episodes to Season 2 of Jury Duty.

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This is:

The Robert Durst Trial: Full March 17, 2021 HearingBy Kary Antholis originally published March 18, 2021

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