Jules and Sarah the Nibble on BINGO!

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EYES DOWN PSC! While we're all indoors, we're going to play BINGO!

There could no better way to stay at home than a fabulous game of Bingo with Jules and Sarah so that's what we're doing tomorrow night!

On Wednesday 25th March at 8:00PM (UK Time) we will be playing a fabulous game of international collective bingo and you don't even have to put your bra on!

Simply fill on your own bingo cards using the template (see below for instructions!) hop on to @julesandsarahpodcast on instagram where we'll be LIIIIVE, pour yourself something gorgeous and grab that dobber!


Print off the template from The Port Salut Crew Facebook Group or julesandsarah.com/pages/bingo OR draw your own with 5 spaces across and 4 down.

Fill in with your own numbers (anything you like from 1-90!)

We will be playing 3 rounds so you need 3 cards!

✨ Fabulous prizes to be won! ✨

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