Transforming Jargon

Ever feel like you're listening to language soup (or is it language salad)? What exactly did you mean when you said we needed to decolonise our strategic frameworks through an intersectional and anti-racist lens with consideration for MARP and LNOB? #Guilty! Lauren and Teia tackle language, acronyms, jargon and initialisms in the non-profit sector and offer some insights into what you can do if you want to transform your language to be more inclusive.

Our call to action: Bring awareness to how language you use can be interpreted differently by others, stop and ask "What does this word mean to you"?


Letters of Exclusion, January 2021

Do you Speak Non-Profit? December 2012

An Unfortunate Association: One Non-profit’s Acronym Problem, September 2014

Does Your Office Have a Jargon Problem? Harvard Business Review, March 2021

Charity sector buzzwords: weird ways the charity sector uses language, October 2021

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