Using Human Design To Awaken Joy In Your Life with Danielle Eyman

Your Human Design is the genetic makeup of your destiny - Danielle Eyman.

In this episode, I'm joined by the wonderful Danielle Eyman, and we'll go down the Human Design rabbit hole again. Danielle is a Certified Level 2 Human Design facilitator and the Host of the Wealthy & Aligned by Human Design podcast. She abandoned her 20+ years career as a registered nurse to find the joy and fulfillment she knew she deserved yet couldn't reach. Only three months of Human Design after, Danielle stopped numbing herself with alcohol and weaned herself off the antidepressants she had taken for over 15 years. 

Throughout this episode, Danielle explains what Human Design is, removing the woo-woo ambiance around it and explaining the science that backs it up. She talks about how she found joy, balance, and purpose through Human Design. Danielle also describes the five energetic archetypes, how we can find our own, and how to determine the level of change we need by checking the misalignments in our lives. 

Additionally, we talk about society's new levels of awakening, the "money line," how Human Design can help us understand our past better, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 107 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear from Danielle how Human Design changed her life and how it can change yours!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Danielle's journey and how she got into Human Design (3:40)
  • What is Human Design? (8:20)
  • How Danielle used Human Design to thrive (10:40)
  • A lawsuit that changed Danielle's destiny (16:30)
  • How to find out the level of change our life demands (25:00)
  • What is the "money line," and what happens in your life once you figure it out (30:30)
  • Danielle describes how lonely the was the Human Design path a few years ago (38:40)

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