Using Art To Unite The World with Barbara Sbrocca

What was the last piece of art you saw that resonated with you? Next time you see a piece of art - which is all around us - take a closer look and  think about what the artist may have wanted you to see. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the wonderful Barbara Sbrocca. Born and raised in Italy, Barbara is an incredible artist who has multiple installations in various locations around Italy. She has explored several forms of expression but her most recent work are the on-site installations and audio-portraits. The messaging behind her artwork is often focused on the human transformative moments that come from love and separation experiences. 

Throughout this episode, Barbara talks to me about the ups and downs she has had in her life that have influenced her artwork. You will hear about how the global pandemic and a separation from her partner were the turning points for her artwork, what the message is behind her art installations, what human connection means to her, and how she is continuing to work on herself. 

Tune in to Episode 65 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn how Barbara is using art to unite the world! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why the global pandemic was a turning point for Barbara  (3:19)
  • The layers behind Barbara’s latest artwork (10:58)
  • About Barbara’s art installations (15:16)
  • Barbara’s perspective on why humans think that no one else feels like how they do (23:40)
  • What Barbara has realized about the end of her relationship (36:24)
  • About Barbara’s previous career (46:00)

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