Unlock Your Intuition and Recognize Signs and Messages from the Beyond with Brandi Van

Have you ever felt a butterfly was trying to show you something, a license plate saying precisely what you need to hear, or a song on the radio answering a question you've been asking for days, and it felt like someone was trying to tell you something?

In this episode, Brandi Van invites you to jump-start your psychic abilities. Brandi is a Spiritual Medium and Psychic Mentor on a mission to help people awaken their psychic abilities and find their higher purpose, abundance, and peace. Minutes after Brandi's grandma took her last breath, Brandi felt in her stomach the connection with her grandma's spirit, and a couple of years later, Brandi's abilities were glowing, fully developed.


Throughout our conversation, you'll learn about Brandi's spiritual journey, how she dealt with the awakening of her psychic abilities, and how confusing were her first years as a medium. You'll also hear about "regular people's" psychic potential, Brandi's trauma-healing abilities, spirits' favorite communication channels, and more.

Tune in to Episode 119 of the Joy Found Here podcast and get ready to jump-start your psychic abilities. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About the awakening of Brandi's abilities (4:20)
  • The spirits of our loved ones are around us (7:10)
  • A bright white light for spirits and entities (11:30)
  • Can all of us strengthen our intuition? (15:00)
  • About Brandi's confusing first years as a medium (18:40)
  • The link between self-knowledge and psychic abilities (20:10)
  • Brandi talks about past-life traumas and how to heal them (25:00)
  • How can you tell someone is trying to communicate with you (33:50)

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