Unleash Your True Inner Power: Insights from Coach Queen Soheir

Do you want to eliminate the habits that stop you from transforming into the unapologetic version of yourself? 

In this episode, the extraordinary Coach Queen Soheir helps us look closer at the foundations of our subconscious mind. She is a Certified Performance and Leadership Coach and Hypnotherapist, passionate about helping ambitious believers master their purpose and serve at their highest level. Using her unique blend of faith, spirituality, and neuroscience, Coach Queen helps her clients shatter their limiting beliefs, be fulfilled by their success, and be unapologetically themselves. 

Throughout this episode, you'll hear about Coach Queen's background story, her passion for human design, and what we can accomplish by working on our subconscious minds. Coach Queen Soheir also talks about balancing our masculine and feminine energy, how to protect our precious feminine energy, and why the more we let go, the more powerful we become. 

Additionally, we learn to check our ego at the door for more efficient hypnotherapy sessions, how to declutter our minds, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 123 of the Joy Found Here podcast and eliminate the limiting beliefs that keep you from becoming your best version. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Coach Queen's background (2:10)
  • Female bodies are portals of creation (7:10)
  • How to hold and protect your feminine energy (14:50)
  • The moment you learn to let go, you become more powerful (17:50)
  • How hypnotherapy can help you make radical changes in your life (26:00)
  • Coach Queen talks about how she started with hypnotherapy (31:10)
  • How to check your ego at the door before a hypnotherapy session (32:00)
  • Learn to declutter your mind (37:20)

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