Searching For The Puzzle That Fits Our Piece with Elaine Mingus

What's your reaction when someone or something interrupts your schedule? If you get angry or upset, that might indicate that you don't have space in your life to experience and live in the present moment.

In this episode, I'm joined by the amazing Elaine Mingus. The realization of the massive debt Elaine and her family of 9 got into after their holidays in Hawaii put things in perspective and pushed her straight into depression. Plus, her writing job didn't reflect the effort and long hours. Something had to change urgently. So she got creative and started a side gig that'd become an enjoyable and profitable business. 

Throughout this episode, Elaine shares the circumstances that led her to create the Curb Vulture, how she grew her side gig into a business, and the challenges she overcame in the process. We talk about how she juggled homeschooling her 7 kids while working a full-time job, how she got her priorities right in difficult times, and the wake-up call read on time about how she was spending her time. 

We also talk about practicing active recovery, using desperation as a wise counselor, and more. 

Tune in to Episode 82 of the Joy Found Here podcast and learn what you need to know to turn your side gig into a business. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Elaine's fantastic background story (4:01)
  • Social media and the comparison-making machine at your fingertips (8:50)
  • A significant setback that showed Elaine who was her people (11:58)
  • Lessons learned from years of welfare (17:05)
  • How Curb Vulture started (22:37)
  • Sometimes we stay in the hamster wheel without noticing it (30:36)

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