Rediscovering Your Identity After Motherhood with Sarah Carpenter

How are you nurturing your relationship with yourself? As mothers, we put in so much effort to maintain and support our children and other relationships in our life that we end up leaving the most important relationship on the backburner, the one we have with ourselves. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the wonderful Sarah Carpenter. After having her four children and becoming a single mother, Sarah felt lost and disconnected to her identity outside of being a mother. This sparked Sarah’s mission to rediscover who she was as a woman and search for the right tools to help her nurture the relationship she had with herself. Today, Sarah shares her wisdom with other women through her coaching business. 

Throughout this episode, Sarah shares what she has learned while working on her relationship with herself and the advice she wants other women to take away. You will learn how Sarah started this journey, what she describes as “the bravest thing I have ever done”, three actionable tips for listeners to build a better relationship with themselves, and why she decided to pursue life coaching as a career. 

Tune in to Episode 69 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear why it’s important for women to focus on their relationship with themselves!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How motherhood has changed Sarah’s life (3:36)
  • The bravest thing that Sarah has done in her life  (13:38)
  • How Sarah discovered life coaching and why she decided to pursue it as a career (25:29)
  • Why talking yourself into anything is a red flag (33:00)
  • Three tangible tools to build a better relationship with yourself (40:18)

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