Making The World Our Classroom with Lainie Liberti

What alternative education options have sparked your curiosity? Some of the best learning experiences can only happen when we step outside of the conventional classroom. 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the captivating Lainie Liberti. Lainie is a best selling author, international speaker, teen mentor, alternative education advocate, and mother to her son Miro. She has chosen to educate Miro through a concept she called “worldschooling”, turning rich experiential learning, cultural immersion, volunteering and leadership into his school. Liberti has spoken about worldschooling on the TEDx Edu stage in Amsterdam, published her book Seen, Heard & Understood, Parenting and Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health, and has co-foundered Project World School with Miro along with additional courses and programs. 

Throughout this episode, Lainie and I have a wonderful conversation about her journey and experience parenting Miro through worldschooling. She talks about her former career at a successful branding agency and the series of events that led her to dive headfirst into worldschooling Miro. Lainie also shares the changes she made to her parenting when Miro became a teenager, how the pandemic taught her to be more intentional, and what is coming up next for Project World School. 

Tune in to Episode 63 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn all about worldschooling from Lainie! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Lainie’s former career at a branding agency (3:35)
  • How Lainie had to reprogram the parenting style she had learned (16:07)
  • About the traveling lifestyle Lainie and her son have pursued (18:43)
  • The parenting pivot Lainie made when her son became a teenager (24:15)
  • How Lainie became intentional about launching courses during the pandemic (31:06)
  • About the exciting upcoming projects Lainie is working on (40:34)

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