Level Up Your Money Mindset With The M.E.S.S. Method with Alejandra Rojas

What is your mindset around money? Our thoughts and emotions around finances impact the numbers we see in our bank account more than we realize. 

In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Alejandra Rojas. She is a Finance Professional, Coach, and Money Mindset Expert helping entrepreneurs increase their income by applying her highly effective M.E.S.S. method. After experiencing money burnout while going through a life-threatening sickness, Alejandra knew she had to design a method to prevent the same thing from happening again. Ever since, Alejandra has since overcome her personal money trauma and helps her clients to reach their financial goals in life and business. She is the host of The Happy & Wealthy Podcast and you can find her work in Yahoo Finance, GoBanking Rate, and others.

Throughout this episode, Alejandra talks about overcoming her emotional trauma around money and learning how to become financially empowered. You will hear about Alejandra’s financial background, how she was raised to think about money, what the different stages are in her program, why women struggle with their emotions around money more commonly than men, and how the M.E.S.S. method can help you to level up your money mindset. 

Tune in to Episode 75 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear from Alejandra about her financial journey that led her to helping countless women along their own! 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Alejandra’s background and her love for finance (3:14)
  • What the M.E.S.S. method is (5:00)
  • How Alejandra was raised to think about money (7:02)
  • The different stages in Alejandra’s program (15:35)
  • Why women may experience imposter syndrome around making (26:13)
  • The membership opportunities Alejandra offers (36:26)

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