Letting Go of Expectations and Finding Joy In Life's Messiness with Melanie Huestis

"If we are one thing and one thing only, that's not living; that's literally showing up as a manifestation of a label that someone else probably created for you, and that's not what I'm here for." - Melanie Huestis.

In today's special episode, the magical Melanie Huestis joins us to talk about personal growth, healing, individuality, and how prioritizing self-care and letting go of expectations can help us find joy and fulfillment. Melanie, an Energy Alchemist (some would describe her as a little bit of a weird girl), is an authentic soul all about radical acceptance and is passionate about empowering people on their healing path. 

Throughout our conversation (which ended up screaming for part two), Melanie shares her thoughts on the power of embracing humanity, adapting to life's messiness instead of resisting it, and the multiple benefits of self-care. We also talk about how to avoid giving space to the Judgy McJudgerson that lives in us, the transformative experience of checking our expectations at the door, authenticity, and so much more.

Tune in to Episode 130 of the Joy Found Here podcast and get Melanie's top tips for a fulfilling and joyful existence.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • All about the human being, Melanie Huestis (2:50)
  • Why Melanie calls herself an Energy Alchemist (7:00)
  • Melanie talks about authenticity (14:20)
  • Be mindful of how, when, and where you engage with content consumption (20:10)
  • The balance between the "I can do this" and asking for help mindsets (28:30)
  • Drop it to the floor, burn that s#it! (38:40)

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