Interior Design That Creates Experiences and Brings Ideas to Life with Erica Dike

If you feel your 9 to 5 is between you and your burning desire, you should spend your 5 to 9 working on your dreams. Remember: you only fail when you stop trying. 

In today's episode, the inspiring Erica Dike joins us to share her courage, vision, and self-confidence story and how she traded the dull safety of corporate life at NASA for a colorful, creative, and exciting entrepreneurial experience. Erica is an ex-business analyst turned into a data-driven interior designer. She is the Founder and Principal Designer at Erica Ooh Designs and the Host of the Hey Erica! Podcast. 

Throughout our conversation, Erica talks about her experiences working at NASA, how working there boosted her skills as an interior designer and the moment she decided to take the leap of faith toward entrepreneurship. You'll also learn how environments influence our thinking processes and the most significant mistakes Airbnb hosts make when determining their design budget. 

Additionally, Erica explains why interior design is about creating experiences, talks about her podcast, her passion for bringing people's ideas to life, and more. 

Tune in to Episode 128 of the Joy Found Here podcast and be inspired by Erica's story and talent to transform dream spaces into reality.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • People are afraid of two things (3:30)
  • Erica talks about her entrepreneurial journey (5:40)
  • Interior design is about creating experiences (13:00)
  • If you have a dream, you are the keeper of that dream (23:30)
  • Erica talks about the most common mistakes Airbnb hosts make (30:20)
  • Erica talks about the idea behind starting her podcast (36:00)

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