How To Bring Joy And Freedom Back In Your Career with Gladys Camacho

Although we all want to feel fulfilled and accomplished in our careers, we will only do it once we get in touch with our Who. 

In this episode, I'm joined by the amazing Gladys Camacho, a Certified Professional Coach who, after a lot of struggle and years of self-development, got in touch with her Who and brought joy back into her career. Gladys had a rough childhood in which, basically, she had to be her own parent. She gave birth to his first boy one month after turning 16, and, knowing the future statistics were forecasting for her, decided to act and provide the best life possible for herself and her newborn. Gladys promised to beat the statistics and get her name out of them, so she did. 

Throughout this episode, we delve into Gladys' story, her struggles, and the decision to get her name out of the statistics most teen moms were into. You will hear about her experiences in corporate America in her teen and young adult years, the positive mindset that kept her going, and the moment she decided helping others find joy in their careers was her calling. 

Tune in to Episode 99 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear how getting in touch with your Who is the first step to bringing back joy into your personal and professional life. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Gladys' challenging first years of her life (2:18)
  • The moment Gladys decided not to be part of the statistics (5:09)
  • The tough decisions Gladys had to make along the way (11:23)
  • Getting an HR job and getting in touch with her superpower (22:51)
  • Work should be fun and bring joy (27:13)

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