Grief, Faith, and Coaching Through Life with Patty Cuevas

Life coaches provide value to anyone, no matter what stage of life you’re in or what you’re going through.  

In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Patty Cuevas. After losing her father and navigating other major life events, Patty has become passionate about helping women after going through a major turning point in their life. Through her life coaching and her podcast, The Listen Bella, Patty inspires women to rediscover their confidence by tapping into their strengths and talents. It’s never too late to seek out a life coach who can support you along your journey in life! 

Throughout this episode, Patty talks about the events in her life that led her to begin her life coaching business. You will hear about her grieving experience after losing her father, why she was inspired to start life coaching, how the world is still grieving from the global pandemic, and how the foundational relationship she has with her faith has helped her throughout the most challenging times in her life. 

Tune in to Episode 73 of the Joy Found Here podcast to hear about Patty’s inspiring story!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Patty’s background  (3:54)
  • About Patty’s experience with grief and how it comes in waves (7:14)
  • What led Patty to go into coaching (20:36)
  • How the global pandemic has led to worldwide grieving (38:40)
  • Ways that Patty’s faith has been a foundation in her life (42:45)

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