Finding Freedom with Forgiveness with Dr. Ronald Ramsey

Are you easy to forgive someone? Or do you tend to hold grudges for long periods of time? 

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by the amazing Dr. Ronald Ramsey. Dr. Ronald is a licensed marriage and family counselor, forgiveness expert, and author of Forty Days to Forgiveness. After retiring from a 25 year old corporate career as an organization development consultant, Dr. Ronald combines his understanding of behavioral sciences, theological studies, and his personal forgiveness challenges in his work. 

Throughout this episode, Dr. Ronald talks to me about his background, his key findings around forgiveness, how we find ourselves in a state of unforgiveness, the series of steps that lead us to forgiveness, and much more. Being open to forgive others can be extremely difficult, especially the more severe the betrayal is, but ultimately forgiveness will lead us to freedom. 

Tune in to Episode 64 of the Joy Found Here podcast to learn how we can find freedom when we understand the importance of forgiveness Dr. Ronald Ramsey!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Dr. Ronald’s background (2:44)
  • When Dr. Ronald had the inspiration for his book, Forty Days to Forgiveness (7:45)
  • The series of steps that lead us to forgiving (12:34)
  • About the different coping styles (20:22)

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