Eat Your Way In Your Perfect Body with Kelly Modzy

Aren't you tired of struggling and stressing out to get in shape? How about a stupid simple option? 

In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome Kelly Mozdy, the Macro Coach, to discuss stupid simple options to get the body you want while eating the things you like and without exhausting and time-consuming workouts. Kelly is a Certified Wellness and Health Professional, Registered Ultrasonographer, Macro Coach, and the Founder of Kelly Kounts Macros. She is passionate about helping men and women get their dream bodies, achieve health goals, or develop a healthy relationship with food. 

Throughout our conversation, Kelly explained what a macro coach does, what it means to count macronutrients and debunk the myths around carbs intake, "good" or "bad" fat, and clean protein sources. She also explains the benefits of educating ourselves on the quality and quantity of food we consume, the advantages of pre-planning meals, and keeping things stupid simple. 

We also discuss why it is harder to maintain weight after losing it, why we shouldn't be afraid of fruits, rewiring our brains to modify our relationship with food, and more. 

Tune in to Episode 121 of the Joy Found Here podcast and start caring for your health today! Trust me, motivation will follow.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What brought Kelly to the counting macros world over ten years ago (3:20)
  • Aim for a calorie deficit; the only way of losing weight (9:30)
  • What's a myth and what's true about protein, carbs, and fat consumption (10:40)
  • The advantages of pre-planning your meals (18:30)
  • If you love exercising, great; if you don't, it can be done too (24:10)
  • A million-dollar tip for wine drinkers (29:40)
  • Why we shouldn't fear fruits (34:10)


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