Curing People's Smiles with Dr. Victoria Veytsman

A smile is way more than the universal language of kindness; it can also tell much about people's health and how they feel about themselves. 

In this episode, I'm thrilled to welcome the cosmetic and celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman, "Dr. V," founder of Cosmetic Dental Studios. Owner of a very creative mind, Dr. V. found the perfect balance between art and science in cosmetic dentistry and has been featured in national and international publications. She believes a healthy mouth is the cornerstone of a beautiful smile, which at the same time, has a massive impact on people's confidence. 

Our conversation revolves around oral health and how much the mouth can tell about overall health. Dr. V. shared several examples of how teeth health affects how we look and feel about ourselves and the confidence we portray. We also talk about her passion for female empowerment and her aim for excellence. 

Plus, we discuss the work ethic that led her to work with organizations like The Miss America Organization, The Miss NY USA Organization, and The Miss NY America Organization, to name some of them, and to provide expertise as a dental sponsor of the New York Emmy® Awards.

Tune in to Episode 78 of the Joy Found Here, and learn about the massive potential hidden behind your smile. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Confidence is very much impacted by the smile (3:39)
  • What happens to your teeth as you age? (5:51)
  • What is a smile makeover, and how can it change your life (8:42)
  • Dr. V's approach to restorative dentistry (14:23)
  • How to become a celebrity dentist? (17:38)
  • About Dr. V's passion for female empowerment (22:04)

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