Choose Your Words Wisely and Multiply Your Sales with Taylor Fischer

Where does your business page stand on a scale of "how can this company help me" to "this is exactly what I need, these people get me"? 

In this episode, Taylor Fischer joins us to unravel digital marketing secrets, talk about the power of storytelling, and teach us how to guide our clients to flow seamlessly through our funnels. Taylor is a storyteller by nature and a Sales Page Consultant and Copywriter passionate about increasing businesses' profit using powerful copy. 

Throughout this episode, Taylor explains why businesses' words define whether or not people buy from them, how she helps clients create copy that sells, and how she jumps into each project, depending on her clients' stage in their entrepreneurial journey. Talyor also talks about her relationship with AI as a copywriter, the art of creating stories that resonate with people, and shares tips and advice to create landing pages and funnels.

Tune in to Episode 129 of the Joy Found Here podcast and learn more about the transformative power of creating stories that resonate with your audience.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Talyor's upbringing and her love for storytelling (3:00)
  • How Talyor creates solutions for every stage in the entrepreneurial journey (9:40)
  • Taylor shares her thoughts on the use of AI to write copy (13:00)
  • The different strategies for digital products and online courses (16:10)
  • Tips and advice to create smooth sales pages and funnels (19:00)

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