Always Make Room For The Best Parts To Come with Julie Perkins

Regardless of our direction in life or business, it's essential to leave room for curiosity, explore new possibilities once we achieve our goals, or figure out where to evolve them.


In this episode, I'm so excited to be joined by Julie Perkins, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Purpose-led Coach and Advocate, Podcast Host, and the Author of "The Wyseway: Purpose-led Business Growth Book." Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Julie never saw failures in entrepreneurship as such; for her, they were just trials. That philosophy helped Julie build an unbeatable mentality that helped her fight and win the most challenging battles in life and business. 

Throughout this episode, we discuss female entrepreneurs' imposter syndrome, goal setting, and the importance of creating meaningful connections. Julie also talks about her inherited entrepreneurial spirit, what inspired her to build her company, Wyseminds, and the lessons she learned from battling cancer. 

Additionally, we chat about her book, why she decided to start a podcast, and so much more. 

Tune in to Episode 106 of the Joy Found Here podcast and get inspired by this powerhouse woman, Julie Perkins. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Julie's background and upbringing (4:10)
  • What battling cancer taught Julie (8:10)
  • Why most female entrepreneurs are imposter syndrome gold medalists (12:00)
  • Julie talks about her book's title and what inspired it (16:30)
  • Once you understand where you are going, seeking counseling becomes easier (25:00)
  • Julie shares details of her writing process (34:10)
  • Why we must always leave room for curiosity (37:40)

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