The Nabi Musa Festival - part II

Following the first conversation with Awad Halabi (episode 49) as we discussed his work on the Nabi Musa festival, we are glad to celebrate and discuss in more details his latest book Palestinian Rituals of Identity. In this second part dedicated to the Nabi Musa Festival we will focus on the origins of the festival, its development with a particular focus on the late Ottoman era until the Nakba of 1948, discussing how the British understood and partly transformed the Festival. Awad discussed not just the celebrations but the participants and the rituals associated with the festival itself. In conclusion with Awad we looked at the contemporary and the possibilities for the festival to become once again a unifying factors for Palestinians in and around Jerusalem.

In 1920 the Nabi Musa festival was transformed into the stage of large riots that occurred in Jerusalem: the so-called Nabi Musa Riots will be the focus of the next episode of Jerusalem Unplugged leading to the conclusion of this short series dedicated to the Nabi Musa Festival.

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