Palestinian Citizenship and licit and Illicit Mobility along the Borders of Palestine, 1920-1950 with Lauren Banko

In this fast moving conversation with Lauren Banko we discussed her first book 'The Invention of Palestinian Citizenship 1918-1947' and the question of Palestinian citizenship as a product of colonial rule, but also adopted by local Palestinians. We also discussed hew new projects like 'Medical Deportees: narrations and pathographies of health at the borders of Great Britain, Egypt, and Palestine, 1919-1949'

This three year project offers new approaches to the history of 20th century medico-legal borders and puts (im)(e)migrants’ voices at its centre. These migrants include the forcibly displaced, refugees, and labour migrants from across Asia and Africa who attempted to enter Great Britain by sea, and Palestine and Egypt overland. The second project is a monograph about icit and illicit Mobility along the Borders of Palestine between 1920 and 1950. Lastly I asked Lauren a reflection on the 30 years since the Oslo accords.

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