Kitboga: I scam the scammers and they yelled at me!

Aren't you tired of all the robocalls? All the phone calls that claimed to be from IRS, student loan forgiveness, and especially those about the extended car warranty? 

In 2021, there are  59.4 million Americans have lost money to scam callers and lost a total amount of roughly $29.8 billion

Naturally, Jay The Producer also got the scam call claiming to be from Student Loan Forgiveness Program and the Extended Car Warranty Program (even though he did not own a car!) So much that he got frustrated and he called up Kitboga, an American Twitch streamer, and YouTuber whose content primarily focuses on scam baiting against scams conducted over the phone, and arguably one of the real-life superheroes, and invited him onto the podcast to talk about his origin story, the type of scam that's out there, how he bait the scammer into spending more time with him!

In one of the scambaiting stories, he even has an on-again and off-again relationship with "President Joe Biden"! 

One of my favorite quotes from this episode is when Kitboga said, "An extra hour that I spend on the phone with the scammer, is an extra hour that this scammer not have spamming other people."

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