Jacobin Radio: Utopia Postponed? w/ Marc Cooper

Marc Cooper and Pablo Abufom join Suzi in a conversation about Marc's Dig “Chile's Utopia Has Been Postponed," The Truthdig original series compares dramatic political events in Chile over recent years to the Popular Unity period between 1970 and 1973. Marc and Pablo integrate the legacy of the military coup 50 years ago with a discussion of the present challenges for the leftist government of Gabriel Boric. Just a year in power, the Boric presidency suffered a huge defeat in the May 7 election, when right-wing parties won a majority to draft a new constitution. This marks the death knell for a progressive constitution in Chile and the emergence of a powerful far right. We ask Pablo what happened to the energy from October 2019, and we get Marc and Pablo’s account of how a political agenda that began with a focus on environmental, economic, and social justice got ensnared in debates about crime, immigration, and inflation.

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