’Bored of being scared’ - Nudes, Leaks and Image-based Sexual Abuse

This week, Jacob looks at the world of nudes and leaks - from dick pics to Revenge Porn to up-skirting.

He finds out how common it is, how devastating Revenge Porn can be, and what the laws are around non-consensual image sharing.

Guests include Academic Lawyer Abhilash Nair, Sophie Mortimer from the Revenge Porn Helpline, Folami Prehaye who set up VOIC (Victims of Image Crime) after successfully prosecuting her ex-partner, Ronnie Meechan-Rogers from the University of Birmingham who is researching Revenge Porn in the LGBTQ community, and Gina Martin, who led the campaign to change the law around up-skirting.

Producer - Nick Coupe
Executive Producer - Pete Strauss
Researcher - Miranda Slade
Sound Design - Chris Maclean
Music - Buddy Peace
Artwork - Made Up