What's the point in hammocks?

Pre-season is in full swing on this on this week's podcast as Neil's mum finds a book called It's All Cobblers To Me, Danny declares his love for French people and Charles isn't sure about the new home kit.

With Jefè moving house and awaiting her internet connection it's just the boys this week and there is plenty for them to talk about including our reaction to those Charlie Goode rumours.

There is also chat about drinks breaks, new signing Christopher Missilou and the war of words between the club and the Supporters Trust.

Away from the Cobblers we play a game of name as many footballers from the USA and Switzerland as we can and Danny suggests using a tactic that students once used on Katie Hopkins to gain revenge on Peterborough Telegraph writer Alan Swann.

All that and more on this week's It's All Cobblers To Me

*Since recording, the club have released this open letter to the chairman of the Supporters Trust - read it here (https://www.ntfc.co.uk/news/20202/august/trust_open_letter/)


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