Petition For Glo And Sunny To Start A Podcast with GLO and Sunny Adcock

In this weeks episode, Abbie is joined by the incredible Sunny and Glo. In this chat they speak on their experience as Black Womeb of Colour and their thoughts on topics such as performative activism, the expectation that has been placed on them to be in a position of presence, education and damage control when they are hurt themselves in the worlds happenings and people in positions of power checking their own bias.  A notable quote from the episode from Glo: “Our culture is up for grabs, people view our culture our bodies our space as just something you can access”  Follow Sunny and Glo on Instagram  @sunny_adcock @glo.wav Listen to Self Love by GLO on Spotify Mentioned in this Episode   Dear white people - Homegoing Yaa Gyasi - Audible , Good Reads  For more, Join the IT'S A LOT WITH ABBIE CHATFIELD PODCAST GROUP on facebook  Or follow on instagram @itsalotpod  

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